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New Employee Tool - Vacation Status

All FirstFleet, Inc. employees now have access to view vacation status using the online tools found at www.firstfleetinc.com. To gain access to this tool you will need a login to the site. Creating a login can be done in a few short steps by using the auto registration process. A blog post on this process can be found here. Once you have your account created you are seconds away from getting access to your current vacation status and history of days used.

  1. Navigate to www.firstfleetinc.com
  2. Click the "Login" link (click to view)
  3. Enter your credentials and click login (click to view)
  4. Click "myPortal" in the top menu bar and then "Employee Resources" (click to view)
  5. In the listing of resources click "Employee Vacation Status" (click to view)
  6. The report that opens will display information about your current vacation eligibility (click to view)
    1. If there is any history of deductions (use) in the lower portion you can click the check number to see a detailed breakdown of that specific check compensation.

We hope this tool adds efficiency to your interactions with FirstFleet, Inc. as an employer and we welcome any thoughts or questions you may have regarding this process.