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Most of the conversations that I have with drivers about our web site are good conversations - meaning typically folks are excited about the tools we have built and often even have constructive feedback to make it better. Over and over I have had the conversation that the site is good - but it would be better if it were mobile enabled. This conversation typically ends with me promising that we will provide this service in the near future. Today I am giving you a different answer, and I am very excited to share this news with you - today the site is mobile enabled. Give it a test drive - visit www.firstfleetinc.com from your mobile device.

For those of you that are wondering what on earth a mobile enabled site actually does let me provide you with a quick summary. When you view a web page on a telephone or iPad you often have "limitations" on your experience. Your connection speed is slower, your screen space is smaller and your fingers are bigger than the pointer of a mouse. If the page has not been designed to work specifically for these clients the experience can be challenging - or better said frustrating.

When you visit the mobile enabled site you will notice that the functionality has been reduced a bit. In this first revision we are trying to offer a basic set of features that are most commonly used by our drivers - with the expectation that as you provide feedback on what you would like to see next we will enable those features.

In this first release we have enabled these features for our driver community.

  • Load Board - This tool allows you to see currently scheduled or in transit loads that you are assigned to. This page is tightly integrated for a telephone experience with click to call and click to map functions on each stop.
  • View Pay - A basic interface that shows your pay summary records for the previous few weeks.
  • Fuel Stops - A quick tool that gives you access into our authorized fuel stops network by state. In the coming few weeks we will add a "near me" functionality to this tool.
  • Fuel Economy - When you first login you will be provided with a summary page of your fuel economy over the last 30 days. In addition to your MPG you have the option to view fuel economy for the top and bottom performers in your facility and the company.
One last neat thing of note - if you visit the mobile page on an Apple device you have the ability to save this page to your home screen for quick recall. To test this feature open the browser and click the GoTo image that looks like the arrow the right - you will find this at the bottom near the round button. When you do this you will be provided with the option to Add to Home Screen. After you do this you will see the FirstFleet "Swoosh" icon right on your home screen of your Apple device.

It is our great hope that this functionality will be a welcome advancement for those of you that commonly use your mobile device to interact with us online. If you find something that you cannot do on the mobile version of the site you can always fall back to the full version of the site. At the bottom of the mobile site you will find a link that says "Full Site" - click this to go back to the old way of doing things.

As always we welcome your comments inline here on the blog, on Facebook or using the feedback form here.


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