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FMCSA Open During Shutdown

With much of our Federal Government currently being either shutdown or reduced in their workforce you may wonder what this means for the FMCSA. Federal truck safety programs will continue to operate despite a partial government shutdown that took effect at midnight September 30th.

The shutdown will have no immediate impact on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration activities, because the agency's money comes from multi-year appropriations through the highway trust fund, rather than general revenues, and they will not lay off any staff.

There have been adjustments to the DOT workforce and because of this we ask that you keep in mind the related tension that may be present for government employees as you interact with them at the various stops. The DOT will still be conducting inspections with business as usual though you may see a decrease in the available resources at any given stop. We strive to be the best carrier we can be, and we are proud of our drivers and the reputation they have earned as being some of the most experienced and professional drivers in the market.

Thank you for the hard work you invest every day - be safe out there.


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