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January 30 - Medical Card Deadline

January 30, 2014 is the deadline for all states to collect medical card information from drivers who hold a commercial driver's license - (CDL).

When you, as a driver, get a new medical card...

  • Provide a copy to your state licensing agency before your card expires.
  • Provide a copy to your company.
  • Make sure you carry your medical card on your person to prove you are medically qualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle, and to verify any exemptions you may have.

These requirement are already in effect in many states, but please note as of January 30, 2014 there is no grace period. Fines could be as much as $2750.00 for violation. Enforcement officers will be able to obtain your driver's license information along with your medical information from the same file.

If you need more information on this requirement please contact your Fleet Manager or the Safety Team.

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