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Integration with Integrity

At FirstFleet we are proud of the integration points we offer our partners. In addition to classic EDI interfaces we are capable of custom integration based upon evolving technology trends. These evolving tools can often net a more nimble solution with quicker implementation times. If you are interested in thinking outside of the box with FirstFleet we would love the opportunity talk about how we could connect in new ways.

Tools Designed for Simplicity

We have designed a set of tools that are developed to work well in all form factors from cell phones to desktops. The rapidly changing world of Mobile Apps and handheld devices capable of connecting people in new and creative ways has changed the expectation of interaction. We are proud to offer our business partners a mobile app with custom built tools to add efficiency to your interactions with us. To get started, select your platform below.

Existing Partner Tools

Servicing the needs of our Business Partners is our top priority. The technology investments that FirstFleet has made are a supporting component of this mission. We have invested in nimble and emerging technology that is designed to give us a competitive edge in terms of the data we can produce and the speed of timeliness for iteration. Listed below are a few examples of tools that are designed to support our partners in creative ways.  How can we tailor these tools to fit your needs?

  • Load Tracking & Imaging

    Where is the freight and what time did it arrive? Load tracking and Proof of Delivery are critical components of accountability for performance. This tutorial will take you through the process of gaining access to our first class load tracking and POD interfaces.

  • Customized Load Boards

    Often partners prefer a tool that displays their freight in an easy to use grid that allows freight to be filtered. Customized load boards allow us to create an easy to use tool that works much like a dashboard for your freight.

  • Partner Payment Inquiry

    Perhaps a niche demonstration, but it is a good display of our ability to provision customized views into the data we have on your freight. This tutorial is an example of a tool that was built for a partner who wanted to check the payment status of any given piece of freight.

Partner Tutorial Blogs

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