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MPG Tips - Driver Greg Basham

The cost of fuel, and the use of it, can make or break a trucking company.

Although drivers can’t do anything about the cost of fuel, drivers choices on how they drive can have a big impact on bottom-line fuel economy.

We are creating video's at different locations with drivers who have demonstrated a strong drive to squeeze every mile possible from a gallon of fuel...resulting in exceptional fuel economy. We are asking them to share their tips in achieving more miles per gallon on every trip. 

In this video, we are talking with Greg Basham, a driver for our Portland, TN facility. Greg's mpg is currently at 7.87. Greg understands the importance of getting good fuel economy and works hard to keep his MPG average high. He understands that getting good fuel economy helps FirstFleet by lowering their fuel bill, and he also realizes that working hard to get great fuel economy is also a big plus to him because of the extra 2 cents per mile fuel bonus he receives every quarter.

To watch this video and more have a look at our YouTube channel or the Employee Video library found here on our website (login required).

To help everyone keep better tabs on fuel performance we have created a Fuel Economy Dashboard that is visible each time you login to our site to retrieve load information, pay history or any of the other resources found at www.firstfleetinc.com. A quick video tutorial of the Fuel Economy Dashboard can be found here.

If you have questions or comments about fuel economy please feel free to use the comment options below or use this form to reach out to us.