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New Feature - Driver Load Board

One of the most often requested features we have is for a driver to be able to obtain his/her load assignment information without having to be near the truck or by calling dispatch. We have heard this concern and are happy to announce a new tool to make this interaction much easier for all FirstFleet, Inc. drivers. Starting today we have a new tool called the Driver Load Board (myPortal -> Employee Resources) which we hope will address this problem in an efficient manner.

Here is how this tool will work... 

  1. Navigate to www.firstfleetinc.com
  2. Click the "Login" link (click to view)
  3. Enter your credentials and click login (click to view)
  4. Click "myPortal" in the top menu bar and then "Employee Resources" (click to view)
  5. In the listing of resources click "Driver Load Board" (click to view)
  6. The page that opens will show information about current/past loads (click to view)
  7. Click on the Order Number to view the details of the order (click to view
  8. In the stop detail window you have the option to view the on file Company Directions (click to view
  9. Additionally there is a "Map It" link which will provide you with a Google Map link to the location. 
    1. Any directions obtained from the Google Map interface will be HHG directions so you are advised to double check any concerns you have for commercial safe routes.

We hope this tool adds efficiency to your interactions with FirstFleet, Inc. as an employer and we welcome any thoughts or questions you may have regarding this process. Keep in mind this is a very new tool for us and it could have some "quirks" - we appreciate any feedback you can provide us with to help work these things out.