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Enhancement - Driver Load Board

In a recent post we demonstrated an exciting new feature we have for our drivers to obtain load information using web based tools. The response to this tool has been positive to far and we are excited to see what else we can offer to make interactions with our customers and employees more efficient. One request we received from Kevin - our Cleveland, TN Service Manager - was to include functionality in this trip sheet that gave feedback to the driver if a preventative maintenance schedule was due at the time of dispatch.  We love the idea and have implemented his request effective today.

In addition to being able to see tractor and trailer PM due notices we have added the ability to see if the driver resource on the load has an expiration (Physical, CDL, etc) that is approaching in the next thirty days. Our hope is that this functionality will help us and our drivers keep tabs on driver required qualifications and equipment condition.

Thanks Kevin for reaching out to us with this idea... keep them coming. We are always looking for ways to operate or interact more efficiently.

Here is a screen shot of a trip sheet that has "NOTICES" displayed on it.