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Open Enrollment Coming Soon!

It’s that time of year again! Our annual open enrollment will begin on Friday, October 1st and run through Sunday October 31st.  As in the past there will be enrollers on site at your locations (unless you are at a location with fewer than 10 drivers) at times to be determined by your fleet manager.  Additionally we will again have online enrollment capability (available 24-7 once Open Enrollment commences), as well as a call center that will be open Monday through Friday during the month of October.  Be watching this site, as well as postings at your terminal for the dates and times Colonial Life enrollers will be there to meet one-on-one with you.   Next week I will provide you with the link to the Colonial website and the telephone number and hours of operation of the call center.

The most important thing I need to share with you is a change in the FirstFleet, Inc. 401k plan for 2011. Effective 1/1/11, all full and part-time employees who are NOT currently participating in the 401k plan will automatically be enrolled at 4% of their pre-tax weekly pay.   Anyone that does not want to participate will have the option to opt-out by going through this with the enroller or contacting Principal Financial at 1-800-547-7754.

It is very important that you actively participate in this open enrollment by either 1) meeting with an enroller to, 2) going online at the Colonial website to note your benefit elections, or 3) contact the call center and confirm your elections with a Colonial representative.

Finally, please remember that if you are currently enrolled in a an FSA (flexible spending account) for  healthcare or dependent care in 2010, that  you must meet with an enroller, participate online, or call the call center in order to continue your FSA in 2011.

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