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Dispatch Info as Text or Email!

Have you ever wished you had access to your dispatch sooner or wished you could get the information when you are away from your truck? A little while ago we released a tool on our website that is designed to give you this information here at www.firstfleetinc.com. This service has been well received because it provides enhanced information such as phone numbers, directions on file, etc - but - it requires that you be near a computer and it isn't designed to push this information to you as soon as possible.

To address this item we are happy to announce an optional service that is designed to deliver dispatch information using email and/or text messages on any mobile device.  The video below will step you through how to configure this functionality in a few simple steps.  Email readers you may need to click on the title above to view the video on our site. We hope you enjoy using this tool and that it will add efficiency to your dispatch process.

We know it will not apply in all situations around the country, but we are confident it will be of use to many of our fleets as well as help us maintain excellent service for our business partners.

As always we welcome your comments and thoughts on this enhancement.