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Next Steps in the Personal Health Assessment

Last week we posted the benefits to you and the company of our direction with the 2013 Wellness Program, with the primary benefit of a healthier, more productive life to you.  Over the past week, many participants are reporting they are anxious to take the Personal Health Assessment on the Blue Cross Blue Shield website.  That is great news, and we hope to hear more from you regarding your progress towards a healthier lifestyle!!

In order to simplify the process of taking the Personal Health Assessment, Blue Cross has provided you a link for a training video that outlines all steps in the process, beginning with the online assessment.  You can find the link here.  On this link, there are 8 brief videos that will take you through all of the steps of the assessment.  Even if you have taken the Personal Health Assessment, these short videos will show you how to move forward with the next steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

A full set of Training Documents can be located here for your review.

As a note, the Murfreesboro office has started the year with its own version of The Biggest Loser Challenge.  In a 16-week challenge, over 35% of the staff and leadership are taking on the challenge of losing weight.  Our goal is to encourage each other to stay on the path to health during this Challenge.  After two weeks into the Challenge, our team has lost a considerate amount of weight, and the battle is on to see who can stay-the-course to lose the most weight.  We will keep you posted over time of the progress.

We have been contacted by other fleets who want to look at similar challenges and programs to live a healthier lifestyle.  Encourage others at your facilities to start a program in the next few weeks.  For any guidance, we have a large Wellness Team to guide you through the process of issuing programs.

Stay the course!   It's worth it!

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