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Remembering 9/11

Twelve years ago today America suffered a great attack - an attack on American soil that resulted in the suffering of an untold number of families around the globe. This attack was not just an attack on innocent citizens, this was an attack on the values and principals of the American people. For centuries this country has stood strong as a beacon of hope and freedom. When the American flag waves it stands for liberation and opportunity to the oppressed and restricted.

In the years that have passed we have seen our country ever more resolute that freedom must be defended, and at every corner it will be threatened. Freedom for our nation and others has come at a great cost. Many men and women serving in our military have selflessly given their lives, hopes and dreams in exchange for the endurance of our nation and the liberation of others. 
Today we remember the lives that were lost that fateful day in September 2001; we honor and thank those who served or are serving around the globe to keep hope alive, and we challenge ourselves to recognize the privilege that has been given to us by the actions of others. 
May God bless you and may God bless America.
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