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Slip, Trip & Fall

Slip, Trip, and Fall injuries are the most frequent injury for drivers during the winter months. Each year thousands of professional drivers are injured due to winter weather conditions and not being prepared to deal with it. 

Working when ice and snow are present requires our full attention and awareness of the slippery conditions. Please review these tips for winter weather safety.
  1. Always wear proper footwear – a full support leather shoe with a rugged non-slip sole is preferred.
  2. Use non-slip covers on your shoes – example Yak-Trax. 
  3. Slow down, don’t be in a hurry, expect it to be slippery and approach it that way.
  4. Always watch where you walk. Snow can accumulate on top of ice in and around truck parking areas.
  5. Take small steps. Check your footing with each step and keep your balance.
  6. Look for ice on all hand rails and hand grab rails before using them.
  7. Always use gloves for a better grip.
  8. Always use 3-points of contact when entering or exiting your tractor or trailer, or when getting on the cat-walk behind the cab.
  9. Always use your seat belt and of course slow down.

Ice and snow – means taking it slow!


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