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The new and improved www.firstfleetinc.com is now officially launched and ready for use. The new site has a lot of enhanced functions and features all designed with the idea of making information more accessible while you are on the go and at your desk.

The next time you visit www.firstfleetinc.com you will find things don't look like they did the last time you visited the site. To help with this transition we have created a set of tutorials to bring you up to speed with the new form and function. We know change can be hard, and we have worked very hard to keep the tools simple and easy to use. We hope you are pleased with the results.

There are two broad groupings of users that use our site with regularity - Employees and Business Partners. The tips and tricks to get started will be slightly different for both groups because these groups use the site in very different ways. To best service both groups we have broken the tutorials into two groupings - choose the most appropriate as you read through this post.

If you already have an account it has been migrated to the new version of the site. If you have logged in at www.firstfleetinc.com in the past there is no need to re-register. You will simply use the same username and password as always.


The "Employee" of FirstFleet covers a broad group of users - drivers, mechanics, dispatch staff, accountants... a large group of over 2,200 people. So when we speak of the Employee @ FirstFleet we are not able to cover each specific user and their every day tasks, but we have tried hard to cover the basics of how to login, how to navigate the site, view pay, etc. To view these tutorials please have a look at the FirstFleet Employee Tech Tools link found here.

Business Partners

The Business Partners of FirstFleet are some of the most respected in our economy. We are proud to be aligned with these organizations in partnerships that have spanned decades. We recognize the role that FirstFleet plays in the life-cycle of their production and that the data we provide these partners must have great integrity. The enhancements to the tools impacting Business Partners are largely focused on mobility and speed of search. To view these tutorials please have a look at the Business Partner Tutorials found here.

Here to Help

We have worked very hard to limit the problems associated with this transition, but we also know that any change this large will have problems that did not arise in our testing. If you run into problems along the way we ask that you please reach out to us and give us the chance to resolve the issue. We promise we will work hard to create quick resolutions.

Thank You!

Finally.... I want to thank you for your involvement with FirstFleet. For Business Partners we thank you for trusting FirstFleet with the care of your shipments. We are grateful for your partnership and continued patronage. For Employees we are grateful you have chosen to work with FirstFleet. We are blessed to be associated with the best in the business. We hope these enhancements will help all involved do their jobs in a more efficient and less frustrating manner.

We welcome your feedback regarding how we can better meet the challenge of being a premier dedicated carrier. Feel free to share your thoughts or ideas!