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Locating Fuel Stops

FirstFleet drivers enjoy a large and accessible fuel stop network that covers the needs of our drivers while over the road. In some cases you may find your self in unfamiliar territory and in need of fuel. In effort to help connect you with the closest fuel stop we have created a tool specifically designed to point you in the direction of the closest fuel stop from your current location.

Located at www.firstfleetinc.com under the title of Driver Fuel Network (login required) you will find a tool that can search for authorized fuel stops in a given state or located near your current position - using the GPS in your phone. The details of the fuel stop include the address, if the site has DEF, the stop phone number and a link to view the site on a map.

To help get you started using this tool quickly we have created a short tutorial below or on our YouTube page here. To find out more about this and other tools for FirstFleet drivers please visit our Employee Tools page here.

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