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New Training Video - Qualcomm

A few weeks back we posted an article about our video library being live and ready for use. I am happy to announce that we have added a new title to the library! We now have a short training segment that teaches you how to use your mobile communications device in generic terms.

In this video Driver Trainer Kevin Steele will walk you through a five minute session that covers the required forms and their use. There are location specific examples that are not covered in this video, but the basics are covered for your review or for training new drivers.

To access the Video Library requires that you login using your account credentials. Once you are logged in you may click here or navigate to myPortal - Employee Resources. If you do not presently have an account now is a perfect time to follow these simple steps to gain access to the tools we offer.

If you have questions or concerns about using the mobile communications device in your equipment please reach out to your local driver trainer for assistance.

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