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Slips, trips and falls are frequent causes of injury for drivers. Over half of all slips and falls occur on or near the tractor or while drivers enter and exit their tractors and trailers. In addition, slips and falls occur while hooking up the trailer or securing the load.

Slips, trips and falls are also common on loading docks, where drivers in multi-stop and pick-up and delivery work are at the greatest risk. No matter where they occur, slips, trips and falls can be very painful and costly. Resulting injuries may include cuts, bruises, muscle sprains and strains, broken bones and back injuries, and may even result in death.

When exiting the cab, always face the truck and take your time while stepping down to the ground. When entering and exiting the cab, climbing up or down between the power unit and trailer, or when climbing in or out of the trailer,
ALWAYS use three points of contact.

When snow or ice is present please use the traction aids PPE provided by FirstFleet. Easy to slip on or off your shoes these devices are excellent at keeping you on your feet and off your back! Please make sure you have a pair of traction aids before you find yourself needing them. When surface conditions are snowy or icy the use of the traction aids is mandatory. If you don’t have a pair, please contact your Fleet Manager.

It is our goal that all drivers return home injury free after every trip!

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