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Thanksgiving 2014

Today is a day to be thankful - a day to remember all of the blessing in our lives. For each of us there are no doubt a different set of things that jump out in our mind for which we are grateful. There are no doubt some common themes among us, but we are a diverse group of people with a diverse set of circumstances as well.

As I think about the things which stand out to me personally I am flooded with an attitude of gratitude. There are the personal things - my spouse, my children, health, caring friends and a collection of items that are convictions of my heart which are hard to articulate in this form - but I am none the less thankful. There are undoubtedly blessings of country, freedom and an appreciation for those who sacrificed to ensure those things remained for future generations. We have much to be thankful for.

Our industry is one of service and hard work. What we do requires the dedication and effort of thousands of individuals every day. Each team member has a distinct part to play, and when we give our best we are able to provide service to our business partners that is second to none. Thank you for always putting your best into your job, for going above and beyond to exceed expectations. I am personally very thankful to be associated with such a great group of people.

I also recognize that because of our unique jobs some of us may find ourselves on the road today or at the end of a very long week of service. Wherever you find yourself today I hope that you hear a heartfelt thanks for your efforts, and it is my hope that there are moments today or in the coming days where you are able to pause and enjoy a rest.

Thank you for choosing FirstFleet as your place of employment, and for working to make this team the best in the business.

Happy Thanksgiving
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