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Mobile App New Build

A couple weeks ago we launched our first version of the FirstFleet Mobile Application. The response to this app roll-out has been great, and we are very excited about the future of how we can use this app to streamline the flow of communication with employees and business partners.

Today we are announcing a few exciting enhancements that are designed to add functionality and speed to the application. An updated version of the FirstFleet App is now ready for install in using this link.

The latest build has some tweaks for performance for employees, and preparation work for mobile uploads of proof of delivery documents. For business partners we have added proof of delivery search (view POD images) and tweaked the load tracking tool for a better experience.

In addition to the new features we are announcing the winner of the Rand McNally GPS device. The winner is Cheryl from our Cleveland TN facility. Cheryl uses the Android app to view assigned loads and check pay history. When we asked Cheryl about the app and her thoughts on it she said...

"I really like how it is more convenient to use on the phone than the previous way of using the internet browser... It just makes things easier."

Thank you to everyone for using the application to interact with your employment experience and for your feedback on how the application might better fit your needs. We intend to keep the enhancement coming based upon the feedback you provide.

For those of you still pending the Apple version we are hard at work to get Apple's stamp of approval on the initial release, and we are hopeful that day is near. When it releases it will have all the functionality of the Android application - it is just going to be a bit longer.

Thanks for your patience.