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Mobile App Updates!

Response to our mobile app has been great, and we are grateful for your feedback and suggestions to make the app better. Today we have an exciting new release to announce that includes additional functionality for our driver community which allows our drivers to be more productive and connected when away from the cab.

The latest release now available on the app store and play store enables drivers to access features which allow them to interact with details of their electronic logs and personal fuel performance

For those of you already using the application these features are designed to work in a consistent manner with the rest of the application, and they will be automatically added when you next update the app. For those of you not using the application here are a few screenshots to give you a taste of the look and feel of these items.

Driver Home Screens


Driver Hours of Service and Fuel Economy


Driver Pay and Load Planning


Partner Load Tracking


Feedback Welcome

We hope from the above screenshots that you get a taste of how this application provides access to information in an easy to use manner. We are committed to continuing the process of evolving this application to better meet the needs of our partners, and we solicit your feedback to this goal. If you have any thoughts or questions about this application you can reach us using the "gear" icon inside the application or you can use the contact us link here.