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New Mobile App Build

New Release

The latest release of the FirstFleet Mobile App brings a few exciting new features which are built to keep our driver community informed and connected. This release provides two new cards on the main screen and some less obvious but likely well received enhancements.

Fuel Stops

In this release there is a new card for our driver community geared toward connecting them with the closest fuel stops in our network. Using the card is simple, just tap and scroll the list of stops within close proximity of your current position. The next release will expand upon this tool by adding stop amenities such as fuel lane and shower count, types of food services offered and more.


The life of a professional driver has changed a lot in recent years. There are new regulations, new engines, new transmissions and all sorts of things to stay abreast of from a training perspective. FirstFleet is proud to employ the best drivers in the industry and we recognize that training and experience go hand in hand. The training card will show you which items you have pending to complete. Tapping on the card will give you some additional detail and even a link to complete the training listed.


In this build of the application we are releasing screen blanking when in motion. This feature is designed around the idea of safety and limiting distractions while driving. It works by locking the function of the application while the application detects your vehicle is in motion.

Less Obvious Features

Inside the "gear" icon you will see two new settings we want to bring to your attention. The first is the ability to remember your username. This option requires you to type only your password at login.

There is now an option to save your password as well. If you enable this setting you will not be prompted to enter a password to gain access to the application. This is likely a very familiar experience for you with other apps you have installed on your device.

Finally there is an option to not display your pay items on the main screen card. You will still have access to view pay but you will need to access the card directly to have the details of the pay show.

For those of you who have not yet downloaded the FirstFleet Mobile App we hope this release will be an encouragement for you to visit the App or Play Store on your phone to fetch the application and give it a try. For those who have submitted favorable reviews or feedback with what you would like to see we encourage you to keep it coming. Use the gears icon to submit your feedback for features you would like to see become reality.



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