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Thanksgiving 2015

Today is Thanksgiving - a day set aside to pause and reflect on the blessings of life. I am sure each of us has a different set of blessings that come to mind when reflecting on our lives. For some it may be health, maybe it is children or grandchildren, our shared freedom, perhaps for some it is our work - something we can all be proud of. In the diversity of our team there are no doubt a wide range of blessings bestowed upon us. 

When I reflect personally on the blessings of life I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. I am grateful for my family, the support of my loved ones, my work friends that serve the needs of our business with their whole heart, and the freedoms that we enjoy as citizens of this great nation. These freedoms came with great cost, and I am thankful for the inheritance left to us. 

In recent days the world has seen great heartache. Many have paid a very high price in senseless acts of violence, and many right now are fighting for freedom around the globe. It can be easy to see those acts of service and sacrifice as happening in a far away place, but the truth is they are the hard reality of many. 

Most of us today will enjoy a day of peace, and it is my hope that you will reflect on this with a heart of thanksgiving and remembrance of others who may be less fortunate today. It is my hope that as you look around the table with your family and friends you will take in the blessings that they are and cherish the time you have with them.

I also recognize that we work in an industry that doesn’t always allow for conventional holiday celebrations, and that your thanksgiving may be delayed due to your efforts to service our customers. As a company we are grateful for you service and hard work. Our drivers are the best in the industry, and we appreciate every effort you invest to that end. It is our heartfelt hope that there are moments today or in the coming days where you are able to pause and enjoy a rest. 

Thank you for choosing FirstFleet as your place of employment, and for working to make this team the best in the business.

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