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Happy New Year!

Today we celebrate the arrival of a new year. Events like this are often a cause for reflection of the previous season and hopeful anticipation of the next. 2015 was a wonderful year for FirstFleet in many ways. We welcomed many new members to our team and grew the footprint of the organization into new horizons thanks to the hard work and dedication of the entire organization.

You should be proud of the work you have invested and the company we are building together. Our shipping partners are a critical part of our nation's economy and you have served them well by providing consistent and professional service. Thank you for the integrity you have in your daily tasks.

Looking forward we are hopeful and excited for all that 2016 will bring. To begin with 2016 marks the 30th year of business for FirstFleet! Founded in 1986 with the idea of delivering unwavering customer service we have remained committed to that original vision and it continues to serve as the platform for new business development.

Another exciting point to discuss for 2016 are the initiatives that are going into effect 1/1/2016 surrounding PTO, Vacation, 401k contribution and others which came out of discovery conversations and surveys with our driver community. If you missed this announcement take a moment to catch up to speed on how these programs will work and what options you now have as an employee of FirstFleet.

As always, the life of a Professional Driver can be challenging, and there is great possibility your celebration of the new year will be somewhat different than the traditional. It is our hope that as you think about the new year and the opportunities ahead that you are excited and energized about the possibilities for yourself and your family. 

Now it's your turn... what are you hopeful for in 2016? What excites you about the coming year? What goals do you have for your personal growth, health or other changes you are hopeful to make? Share them with us here in our blog or on our Facebook page. You never know who you might encourage.