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Motivated by the option of going on blood pressure medicine in 2014, Carl decided it was time to take his health into his own hands. The doctor informed Carl that he must lose weight to decrease his risks of a heart attack. At that time, Carl weighed 440 pounds. After making a life-change by simply instituting one hour of walking every day and changing his eating habits on the road, he has successfully lost over 140 pounds since that early diagnosis of obesity and high blood pressure, with a goal of losing 25 more pounds to hit his goal weight.

Carl urges all of us that this type of life-change can be done - as long as you are dedicated to making it happen. Since he is an over-the-road driver dispatched out of Jamestown, NC, Carl understands that making these types of changes while on the road can be difficult.. However, he proves that with these small changes in his movement and nutrition, all of us can be successful in making these changes for our benefit.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video from Carl Broadnax.

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