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New Mobile App Build 1.7

New Release

The latest release of the FirstFleet Mobile app has some great features designed to make the app better service the community of users which includes drivers, operations team members, customers and more.


The Hours of Service card has been enhanced with two new options to better service the needs of our driver community when help is needed. The added functions are:

Email Log Support
You now have the ability to email the log support team with a simple tap. You will find this option perhaps helpful when your request is not of an urgent nature and some delay in reply is acceptable. 

Frequently Asked Questions
A new FAQ section designed to cover the most frequently asked questions with regard to HOS interactions. These topics include screenshots and tutorials designed to help our drivers service their needs quickly. A quick review of these tips may give you a better experience all the way around.

Omnitracs Mobile Reset
The ability to issue an Omnitracs unit reset in times of trouble. In certain situations the in cab unit becomes locked or performs in a manner that requires a soft reset be sent to the device. We have now built this functionality into the app in. If you are logged into the Omnitracs unit and know it needs to be reset you now have the ability to issue a soft reset command directly inside the FirstFleet Mobile app without contacting the help desk.

Company Directory

For the Operations Team members you will find a handy extension to the company directory which allows you to search for an employee by name or employee code. This directory provides you with quick contact options and an extended set of properties on the individual including current hours of service, pending training and much more.

Documents Library

We have added a function to the mobile app which allows visibility into certain documents which may be helpful in the course of your work. You will find presently listed there is a Insurance Cab Card and a copy of your CDL. Over time this library will expand into new document types as well.

Less Obvious Features

In addition to the above more flashy items there are small enhancements that are designed to help streamline the function and use of the app.

  • The card which deals with Employee Pay has been refined to provide better readability.
  • Some of the fit and finish has been polished a bit.

For those of you who have not yet downloaded the FirstFleet Mobile App we hope this release will be an encouragement for you to visit the App or Play Store on your phone to fetch the application and give it a try. For those who have submitted favorable reviews or feedback with what you would like to see we encourage you to keep it coming! Use the gears icon to submit your feedback for features you would like to see become reality.

Where can I learn more?

If you would like to learn more and see screenshots please follow this link.

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