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Holiday Travel Tips

Projections are that over 41 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home this holiday weekend. That's a 2% increase from last year. Fuel prices have risen, but are still low compared to previous years. Due to the lower fuel prices the majority of travelers are hitting the road, with more 35 million driving. That is a lot of extra traffic on the roads starting the week of July 4th.


Some holiday travel tips:

  • A safe trip begins with a thorough Pre-Trip Inspection!
  • Always be sure to buckle up!
  • Watch for speeding drivers that will take chances to be the leader of the pack!
  • Watch for inattentive drivers that are paying more attention to their cell phone than the road.
  • Keep an eye on sudden weather changes that can cause dangerous driving conditions.
  • Watch for distracted or fatigued drivers!
  • Watch for drivers that will cruise right beside you for miles. Always check your mirrors and clear the lane before you change lanes
  • Keep a safe 6 second following distance. You never know when a tourist might slam on their brakes due to missing a turn or an exit.
  • Be cautious through construction zones…never speed and be attentive to what is going on around you.
  • Always communicate your intentions by using your signals.
  • Never drive fatigued. Stop and take a power nap or get out and walk around.

The holidays are a challenging time on the highways. The increased amount of traffic and drivers not practicing safe driving habits will mean we must pay even more attention to our surroundings! We must rely on patience and safe driving practices to keep us and those sharing the road with us safe.

Safety, it’s a full time job, please don’t make it a part time practice!

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