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Mobile App Release 2.0

We are very excited to share the new version of the FirstFleet Mobile app with you today. The new version includes a new simplified user interface and added functionality intended to make the app more user friendly and helpful. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms either from the appropriate app store or by clicking this link. Please note that at present time the release is only available for Android. The Apple build has been submitted for release but is still pending approval.

User Interface
Lets start with the user interface. From the screenshot below you can see the new tiled interface is streamlined and simple to navigate. The intention of this change is to modernize the design of the app and reduce the touches necessary to access the information you need. You will notice a new section at the top of the home screen that displays fuel economy information front and center.


Take note above that each tile has relevant information displayed on the main home screen. The icons change color as well. You will notice that a RED truck indicates you have a planned load where a BLACK truck will represent if no loads are planned.

Hours of Service

You will notice the Hours of Service tool has also been refreshed and revised for a simpler to use layout. Notice the icons across the bottom to take action. Notice there is a Reset icon in the bottom right. This reset icon will allow you to issue a soft reset on your in cab device should the stability of the device be in question. Direct access to call/email the HOS team and view frequently asked questions are also quickly accessible.


Load Board
The Load Board has also been given an overhaul to freshen its look and increase the functionality. You will find quick links across the top which give you new functionality to call dispatch, view the turn by turn route and provide confirmation of receipt that you have viewed the plan.


Each stop provides the ability to view stored information about the stop, place a call to the stop, view the stop on a map and even obtain a turn by turn route to the stop from your current position using the GPS in your phone.

Truck Stops
It is quick and easy to access authorized fuel stops in our network and to view the amenities the stop offers as you plan your route.

Roadside Assistance
Should you find yourself in the need of roadside assistance the app provides tap to call functionality for accessing help 24x7 and it will even display currently reporting engine faults in effort to speed diagnosis.


Manage Profile Info
Would you like a text message when your load is dispatched? You can use the Manage Profile Info tile to update your email, mobile phone number, sign up for text dispatch and even update your home mailing address.

POD Scanner
Functionality has been added to the application to allow you to take a photo of your POD and automatically upload it to our billing and storage systems. This feature is enabled by fleet so please check with your local fleet manager.

The settings are accessed in the "gear" icon where you will find the ability to save your login information, hide pay from the main home screen and even a mechanism to submit a help ticket for support. 

As always, your feedback and feature requests are welcomed at [email protected]. It is our desire for your experience with FirstFleet to be first class in every way. If you have ideas or requests please do not hesitate to reach out to us for prompt assistance. 

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