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2017 Wellness Program - Start Now!!

FirstFleet Wellness 2017 program is up and running!!  So let’s get started!

Blue Cross participants and spouses can begin the process of earning your Blue Health Rewards now by taking the Personal Health Assessment on the BlueAccess site and completing the Biometric Screening either during your annual wellness visit at your primary care provider or at a screening event at certain locations.  More information has already been mailed to your home regarding this process.  Please read that information carefully as there have been some changes in the rewards program this year.

As in the past, all medical plan participants (not spouses) will be required to complete BOTH the Personal Health Assessment and the Biometric Screening by July 31, 2017 in order to qualify for premium savings in 2018.  Plus, you will earn monetary rewards for completing the PHA, biometric screenings and other coaching sessions.

The Personal Health Assessment can be accessed on your BlueAccess site at www.bcbst.com or directly from your phone using the AlwaysOn app.

The Physician Screening Forms are personalized this year with your specific information to take to your primary care physician.  You will be able to access those directly on your BlueAccess account at www.bcbst.com as well.  Plus Blue Cross can email one or mail it to your home by calling 877-412-4828. 

For more information and additional details you may wish to visit the Employee Benefits page online here.

As mentioned above, more information will be coming to your home soon on the 2017 Wellness Plan. 

But the most important part is to get started on your wellness efforts now!!


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