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As we have discussed, the 2017 Wellness Program is underway, and one the requirements for 2017 is the Biometric Screening  to be completed by JULY 31, 2017.

All Blue Cross participants can obtain their personalized Physician Screening Form directly from their BlueAccess account. This change in the form allows you to print the form and take it to your primary care physician without having to complete any personal information prior to the visit.  

In order to download and print the form, you can simply:

  • Log into BlueAccess by logging into www.bcbst.com with your Username and password.
  • Click the "My Health and Wellness" link
  • Click on "Biometric Screening" link
  • Select the "Choose Screening"  under the Physician Biometric Screening option.
  • Print the form to take to the doctor with you.

More detailed instructions are shown HERE.

Another big change this year is that you can fax or upload the completed Physician Biometric form directly to Blue Cross, without having your doctor send it from the office.  So please have the doctor complete the necessary information and stamp the form prior to taking the form with you.  Follow the instructions at the bottom of the form and fax it to 214-203-0346.  This allows you to keep control of the screening form, as well as maintain a copy of your results of the screening.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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