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Alexa, Meet FirstFleet

It is likely that you have seen a commercial or advertisement for the Amazon Alexa device which provides for a spoken word interface to all sort of services from home automation to information retrieval. It may even be possible that you have one of these devices in your home. Even if you are not presently using this technology it is rapidly expanding the possibilities of interaction and will become increasingly present in our lives. How we consume information and how we interact with services around us is adapting and changing all the time.

At FirstFleet we are committed to Embracing Change as a Reality of Progress, and to this end we are intentional in our choices to evaluate emerging technology for a fit in our organization. Alexa is a great way for us to evaluate voice interactions in our business. Voice interactions can possibly add safety, efficiency and easy of use.

Today we are announcing the FirstFleet Alexa Skill with functionality for our drivers designed to give quick and easy access to a handful of functions in the initial release. Initially the interaction will allow FirstFleet authenticated drivers (you need a firstfleetinc.com account) to ask FirstFleet for information about their hours of service, next planned load and more.

If you are presently a FirstFleet driver and own an Alexa device you may want to give this a try. We would love to  hear your feedback with regard to what functions you would like to see added to this integration. Your feedback will be essential to the evolution of this offering.


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