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Mobile App 2.3

The FirstFleet Mobile App has quickly become the go to tool for our driver community to manage and interact with their employment experience. The mobile app is designed to allow our driver community to quickly locate information pertaining to their daily tasks and to stay connected through tools like load planning, fuel economy, payroll history and much more. If you not presently using the mobile app I would encourage you to visit the app market for your phone and give it a test drive today.

Today we are announcing new features based on community feedback as strongly desired features and functions. It is our hope that these enhancements will further solidify the app as a critical tool for your every day interactions.

New Features

  • Vacation / PTO Balance - We have added the ability to see present Vacation and PTO allocations as well as full detail for any previously used days.
  • Auto Login Issues - There were some users reporting bugs using the auto-login function. We believe those have now been rectified.
  • Enhanced Profile - You now have the ability to update your personal mailing address, contact phone numbers & enroll in text message notifications for dispatch using the Profile tile.
  • Driver Trainer Information - As a new driver it can be helpful to see the driver trainers allocated in your fleet. There are new features added under the Training tile which allow you to see the Driver Trainers and options to contact them directly from the app.

Driver Trainer Exclusive Features

  • Contacts Tile - Driver Trainers now have the option to use the Contacts tile to locate contact information for any driver in their facility. This can be a handy tool when following up with new hires or trying to locate a driver for training.
  • Optionally Share Contact Info - Driver Trainers have the ability under the Profile tile to adjust how their phone number is shared with drivers in their facility. By default - without you making a change Driver Trainer phone numbers will not be shared with drivers in your location. If you are a Driver Trainer and would like to share your mobile phone contact information with drivers in your location (shows up under the training tile) you can quickly change this setting using the Profile tile.

As always we would love your feedback with regard to how the FirstFleet Mobile App might better service you in your daily tasks. Should you have any questions or concerns you may use the contact us form here or tap Get Help from the gears icon in the app.

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