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Driver Appreciation - Risk Management

September 10-16, 2017 is a special week for the trucking industry – it’s the National Driver Appreciation Week. At FirstFleet we want to celebrate ad honor those who have chosen a career as a Professional Driver. FirstFleet drivers work hard each day to uphold the Core Values of our company, and we are grateful for each team member. 

This year we asked a few team members from around the country to share their thoughts of appreciation. Today we are sharing the comments of Debra Houston. Debra is Director of Risk Managment for FirstFleet.

The life of the commercial driver is filled with many challenges including, as we saw recently, treacherous weather conditions, dealing with heavy traffic surrounded by impatient drivers, construction zones, and negotiating tight spots in areas that never contemplated 50-75 foot of tractor and trailer. Add to these challenges the constant struggle to juggle home time and family life, meet the Company’s and it’s Customer’s needs, and do so while operating within DOT hours of service, and it’s clear that it takes a dedicated individual to do this job.

FirstFleet’s drivers are the best in the industry, delivering to its customers in a professional and courteous manner. Their efforts are the reason FirstFleet is the successful growing company it is today. While this week is one week to recognize these dedicated professionals, we hope each and every one of them knows that their FirstFleet Family appreciates the sacrifices each of them make every day to keep our wheels turning.

Thank you all for all you do! - Debra Houston

Thank you Debra for your words of encouragement to our driver team, and thank you to our drivers for being the best in the business.

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