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Driver Appreciation - Operations

September 10-16, 2017 is a special week for the trucking industry – it’s the National Driver Appreciation Week

. At FirstFleet we want to celebrate and honor those who have chosen a career as a Professional Driver. FirstFleet drivers work hard each day to uphold the

Core Values of our company, and we are grateful for each team member.  

This year we asked a few team members from around the country to share their thoughts of appreciation. Today we are sharing the comments of Perry Glancy. Perry is a Regional Operations Manager for FirstFleet. 

I have often said, we are a Dedicated Contract Carrier with the most Dedicated Drivers in the industry. I literally know drivers that live, breathe and bleed FirstFleet. We can accomplish so much as a team with our drivers. From drivers rallying to help with new start-ups to what just happened last week with Hurricane Harvey in Houston – our drivers always rise to the challenge. 

I have witnessed many FirstFleet drivers make personal sacrifices in order to deliver the service we are known for. I have seen drivers stay out an extra day or even a week. I have seen driver miss monumental family moments, a birthday, a special family gathering and many of the sports their children play. They have sacrificed moments in life to ensure that our customers receive the best service in the industry. 

Our drivers are challenged to deliver freight on time while never compromising the safety of the roads. Our service and safety records attest to the fact that our drivers are up to the challenge. We have drivers that have 30+ plus years of service with us, we have 2nd generation and multiple family members working with us – this is something special that we don’t take for granted. 

Our drivers have a challenging job, from making multi stop deliveries, counting the inventory that comes off the trailer, maintaining the tractor/trailer, driving in constantly changing environments and not to mention making 100 decisions every minute they are behind the wheel. Our drivers are constantly adapting as our company has grown to meet the needs of our customers, regulation changes and technology advances. 

I wish every driver in the industry could experience working at FirstFleet. I personally thank each and every driver for making this the best trucking company in the United States. The drivers of FirstFleet have made this the FirstFleet family. Our drivers have created the image that we are today. They provide for all of us, and I personally recognize this and THANK THEM ALL! - Perry Glancy

Thank you Perry for your leadership in our company and for taking the time to express your appreciation for the hard working and dedicated drivers of FirstFleet.

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