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Driver Appreciation – Kick Off

It may be a coincidence that this week is designated by our industry as National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, but by the time this week is over, our country will owe a greater debt of appreciation to the men and women who drive a truck for a living than at any time in recent memory.

The images from Houston TX of the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey and the potential of even more destruction in Florida from Hurricane Irma are both heartbreaking – in terms of the loss of life and massive destruction of property, and heartwarming – in the heroic efforts of ordinary people to help their neighbors, friend and stranger alike, to escape the flooding and bring them, their children, pets, etc. to safety.

Massive amounts of money and supplies will be raised from all around the country to support our fellow Americans. It is uplifting to see everyone put aside their differences and come together in a time of such extreme need. But most of the lifesaving supplies of food and water will depend on brave and dedicated truck drivers to get them to the place of need.

Many of the victims will be grateful for the supplies, but may not stop to think of the coordinated efforts and sacrifices it took to make that happen. And for us, as the trucking community, that’s ok. We’re not looking for praise or special attention. We’re just doing our job, the best we can.

But make no mistake. Your efforts are noticed and appreciated.

I guess it’s because so much of what we’ve done over the last 31 years at FirstFleet has involved making sure that food is available on the grocery shelves, that I have always felt such a sense of pride and personal appreciation of what our team does every single day. But under such trying circumstances as we have faced in the past days, and hearing some of the stories of dedication and efforts way above and beyond the call of duty, it only serves to magnify that pride.

We salute the dedication and professionalism of our truck drivers. In the best of times, it is a challenging, dangerous, sometimes frustrating job that rarely gets the appreciation it deserves. But our drivers, day in and day out, deal with the challenges of the road, working diligently to deliver their load safely and on time to provide unsurpassed service to our customers.

Whether you are one of our drivers who personally braved the dangers of the storms, one who helped keep the loads covered at home, or one of many members of our supporting team who work long hours coordinating loads and schedules and performing dozens of other tasks behind the scenes – THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Our team is just the best. I’m proud beyond words to be associated with you. You should be proud of yourselves and the job you do. Keep up the amazing work and, as always, be careful out there!


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