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Driver Appreciation - Fleet Manager

September 10-16, 2017 is a special week for the trucking industry – it’s the National Driver Appreciation Week. At FirstFleet we want to celebrate and honor those who have chosen a career as a Professional Driver.

FirstFleet drivers work hard each day to uphold the 
Core Values of our company, and we are grateful for each team member. This year we asked a few team members from around the country to share their thoughts of appreciation. Today we are sharing the comments of Brian Bash. Brian is our Fleet Manager in Phoenix, AZ. 

Driver appreciation week is here, and from the time I have started with FirstFleet, Inc. I have not only acquired a new outlook, but gained great deal of appreciation towards the tough jobs you as drivers do daily.

I have worked in other career fields where trucks were received, my father and grandfather were truck drivers, with that I had basic knowledge of what a truck driver did day to day. Did I fully understand? No.

I’ve come to value and understand how many days a truck driver is gone, Monday - Friday, Holiday’s, and what is a weekend? How many first days of school, birthdays, super bowls, and special events were missed? Out on the road, driving the economy, putting food on shelves and the clothes that we wear into the stores we enjoy most every day.

Not only are you as the truck driver driving the economy (literally), but you’re the first face, representing our company that the customer sees every day – the first person to provide the professional and world class customer service or as I like to call it “WOW” customer service. That alone deserves more than a one-time thank you, more than a week of appreciation, but more like a thank you every day.

It’s more than driving the economy, dealing with “hot loads”, and top priority customers. Truck drivers deal with the industries toughest law enforcement, DOT, and the ever so changing DOT regulations. Being captain of the ship isn’t always easy, but as a driver you manage to keep your ship clean, get through inspections – fight through traffic while also promoting one of the toughest safety programs to follow.

I would like to say thank you to all truck drivers nationwide, but more specifically the drivers at FirstFleet. At FirstFleet, I am confident when I say we have the best drivers in this industry leading market. Your work on the road is the greatest representation of our core values here at FirstFleet,


Safely deliver outstanding service

Empower our people to do the right thing

Relationships will be built on trust

Value, care for and respect everyone

Embrace change as a reality of progress

I enjoy coming to work every day and working with not only a team, but a family of drivers who embrace and promote these values every day.

Whether I get to shake your hand or just share my thoughts with you on driver appreciation week, just know you are appreciated and I thank you for the job you do every day. - 

Brian Bash, Fleet Manager

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