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FirstFleet Mobile 3.0 Beta

Today we are excited to announce a Beta version of the FirstFleet Mobile app designed to update the experience and user interface. Starting in July of 2015 we have regularly updated our mobile app based on driver feedback and advances in technology. This build of our app keeps that tradition moving and adds some nice new functionality.

This platform version 3.0 sets us up for additional exciting new enhancements in 2018. We hope that you find the new experience to be improved and welcomed, and today we need your help to test it out.


Starting now the BETA version of the app is ready for testing in the Android community. If you are unfamiliar with the term Beta you should read this as "we think it's ready to test" - its for sure not perfect. If you like to tinker and test new things - this is for you. If you like things to always work perfectly - it may not be ready for you yet. Once the beta testing is complete the production version of the app will automatically update all of the current installs.

Enhancements include...

  • All new UI - User Interface. The new UI is intended to update the look and feel of the app to current design standards. You will notice an immediate difference with the look of this new build. 
  • Fingerprint Authentication - When you launch the app you will be asked if you would like to use Fingerprint authentication (of course you can skip). This authentication method will work on phones which support fingerprint auth and have the feature enabled.
  • Enhanced Document Scanning - For those fleets with remote POD scanning enabled you will notice an all new design to that feature. The updated version is greatly enhanced to reduce the image size and increase the quality. 

How to install... 
If you would like to help us test this app the process is simple. 

  • Send a text message to 615-502-1548.
  • You will get an automated reply that delivers the link to the Beta version. 
  • Follow the link and agree to become a tester. 
  • Once you have agreed to test the app there will be a link at the bottom of the screen which says Download the FirstFleet Mobile app on Google Play. Tap that link to launch Google Play and update your installed version.
Remember - presently the beta version is for Android users only. iPhone users don't worry - we haven't forgotten about you - when we ship the production build you will get the latest version too. 

What if something goes terribly wrong...
It is possible that there will be some problem with this build that you just cannot live with. If that's the case please make sure you let us know so we can fix it, and remember you can always uninstall the app and reinstall the production version from the Google Play store.

Your feedback in this beta period is essential to correcting any bugs you may find. You can provide feedback at [email protected] or by tapping Get Help inside the settings page of the app. 



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