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401K Mobile Application

New retirement mobile application - putting the future at your fingertips

How do you like to stay informed about your retirement account? You now have an exciting option - with the new Principal(r) Mobile application.

Introducing a new mobile application
Our new mobile application allows you to access your retirement account information at your fingertips and on your smartphone. The application is:

  • Free and secure
  • Available for iPhone(r), AndroidTM and BlackBerry(r) phones1
  • Designed for you to view your retirement plans with The Principal(r)

What can you do?
Now it's even easier to track your savings progress. With this application, you can view:

  • Account balances, vested balances and loan balances 
  • Track Your Progress chart, showing balances over time
  • Personal rate of return 
  • Basic account information, including contributions and withdrawals

Start using the retirement mobile application today.
The more you know about your retirement account, the easier it is to plan for a more comfortable future. Log in to your account at www.principal.com to learn more about the mobile application and how to download it.

The mobile application offered by The Principal to view account information is currently supported on iPhone(r) (all operating systems), Android(TM) (operating systems 1.6 or higher) and BlackBerry(r) (operating systems version 5 or higher).

Information displayed in the application will vary depending on your plan type(s).


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