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Mobile Update - CAT Scales

Today we are excited to announce a the release of an update to FirstFleet Mobile. This update brings integration with the CAT Scales Weigh My Truck App.

The Weigh My Truck App is designed to help Professional Drivers speed the process of weighing and maintaining compliance. Thanks to an integration between our fuel card vendor and CAT Scales you can even pay for the scale service directly from the app and send electronic receipt directly to our home office.

Once you install the update to FirstFleet Mobile you will see CAT Scales located in the menu as an option. If you do not already have the CAT Scales Weigh My Truck App installed it will take you to a help page that explains how to get up and running with CAT Scales. There are a few painless steps required to establish your account with CAT Scales - you will need to provide an email address and your fuel card info for payment. Once your account is established and setup the process is wonderfully easy to use and will probably save you some pretty significant and precious time. As a reference we have provided this helpful tutorial to get you started. 

Below is a brief video summary of the CAT Scales App. If you cannot see the video listed below it is accessible here.  If you have any questions or concerns you can always reach us here. Thanks for working with FirstFleet!

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