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Thank You Team

We at FirstFleet would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every employee for their dedicated work over the last 6-8 weeks. Each FirstFleet site has had unique challenges in meeting the demands of our customers as we have worked through this COVID-19 crisis.

Our drivers have put in many extra hours to handle the heavy volume. Our drivers have gone and helped other facilities who had extra heavy volume or volume that was transferred. Our mechanics have worked tirelessly to make sure the equipment is well maintained. Our managers and supervisors have worked long hours to make sure our routes were covered and moving. We want to also thank our support teams in Murfreesboro for helping our sites with safety supplies and keeping the sites cared for.

This crisis is not over, and we still have work to do to maintain safety for our employees and to continue to deliver outstanding service. We are confident that the team we have around the country is up to the challenge.

As a token of our thanks, each full time employee who has worked the last 6-8 weeks will have an extra payroll deposit in their account on Monday of $500. Part time employees will receive a $250 payroll deposit on Monday. Keep up the good work!

Please take a moment to watch the thank you message from Daniel Piper below or by following this link.

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