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Coming Soon - Workday Transition 8/30

FirstFleet is proud to announce that we are transitioning to Workday as a software partner to help manage our business. Starting August 30th employees will see a slightly different experience when using some resources on our website and in our mobile application. Specifically, you will see changes to tools that help you manage benefits, time cards, vacation requests, updating contact information, direct deposit information, and more. This advancement allows us to continue the trajectory of growth and provide first class tools for our employees. 
As with any transition of this scale we recognize that there will be challenges and learning curves associated with the "newness" of the tool. Please rest assured we have invested significant time to make this transition as easy as possible. Most of the resources that you use to manage your employment experience are still accessed in the same way, but their look and feel likely will be new to you. 
While we have worked for months to ensure a smooth transition, we are fully aware that there will be opportunities for us to refine the process and interactions that you have with it. Over the coming few weeks we will work to close any gaps that are identified in the system, and during this time we do ask for your help, patience and feedback. Should you find issues that need our attention please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] for the fastest care. 

One area we know may provide a bit of a challenge for some users is if they are not running the most recent update to our application. Now is a great time to visit this link on your device to ensure you have the most up to date experiences with FirstFleet Mobile
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