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Veterans Day - Nov. 11, 2021

As I read through our national history, it is clear that what we have was attained through our soldier’s sacrifices.  They separated from their families to secure this country and their livelihoods.  Now our armies are all voluntary - a big change from the draft days - but their sacrifices are no less worthy because of it.  Some gave it all, some came home visibly broken and for others their war never ended.  But our country is unique and made all the more honorable because of their service and sacrifice.  Our veterans have held and continue to hold together our nation.  Our service members fought for our right to say what we want, worship how we want, assemble with whomever we want, and to write and publish whatever we want.  They knew this great nation was worth fighting to keep.

We are proud to have many former service members in our FirstFleet family.  You all have made this country great and now you are a vital part of what makes FirstFleet great also.  Don’t forget to thank a veteran today! 
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