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WorkHound - Our New FirstFleet Communication Tool

The best and fastest way to strengthen company interactions is to have open communication. We have found a new way to connect and communicate with our drivers by using a tool called WorkHound.  We want to listen to driver ideas in how to improve technology, our work environment, and the general workflow.  

As part of the newly created Driver Retention department, FirstFleet has partnered with WorkHound to open the communication between FirstFleet drivers and the office staff.  WorkHound is a company that lets employees communicate anonymously with their employer. This form of communication allows honest, candid interactions and gives us valuable feedback to make improvements. 

WorkHound’s process is very simple. WorkHound will send weekly text messages to drivers asking them a variety of questions.  Drivers will then respond by giving a rating and any extra comments they wish.

Here is a short video of how the text messages will look and how they flow: CLICK HERE. Drivers can interact through the platform as often as they want to. It can be twice per week, twice per month or every day.  The driver just has to select the link each time they wish to provide feedback.

As the video shows, Workhound made the process very simple, and we invite ALL FirstFleet drivers to participate. So, please JOIN the new form of communication and be part of the FirstFleet TEAM that will positively impact changes to policy and procedures.  FirstFleet wants to hear it all, the good, the bad and the ugly!

For further questions or comments, please contact the Retention Department at [email protected].   
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