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Memorial Day 2022

Happy Memorial Day, FirstFleet Family! 

As Americans, Memorial Day brings with it new journeys, time-honored traditions, and a mix of emotions. As a born and bred Hoosier, Memorial Day always meant the Indy 500 and a big celebration honoring my personal hero, Grandpa Getts as his birthday always fell around this weekend.

My Grandpa served in WWII, fighting in the Battle of the Bulge as part of the 75th Infantry. If you were to call him a hero, he would quickly shine a light on those he believed to be the true heroes—the ones who never made it home. The ones who never held their loved ones again, never went to another cookout, never watched their babies graduate high school, get married and have babies of their own. 

Grandpa would tell you the real heroes gave their lives so we could be free. And today we are free … Free to grieve together over the lives lost serving our country … And free to celebrate those warriors who gave all they had for every one of us.

May your Memorial Day be filled with memories you treasure, and may we never forget those that gave their lives serving our country. Memorial Day is for those service men and women no longer with us! God Bless them all!

Robb Getts



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