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Your family and friends at FirstFleet wish you the happiest of times and the very best this season. The holidays are a time for family and friends to gather in celebrations they have come to love and anxiously await. It is our hope that this season brings you joy and reminds you of the things you cherish most.

As professionals in the transportation industry we know that it's our business to keep the holidays moving, and for your dedication to excellence we express thanks and appreciation. However your family is celebrating this season it is our sincere hope that you may experience the joy of the season.

Blessings to you all and best wishes from your family at FirstFleet.

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Today we are excited to announce the release of FirstFleet Mobile 3.0. This version of the app is designed to update the experience and user interface. Starting in July of 2015 we have regularly updated our mobile app based on driver feedback and advances in technology. This build of our app keeps that tradition moving and adds some nice new functionality.

This platform version 3.0 sets us up for additional exciting new enhancements in 2018. We hope that you find the new experience to be improved and welcomed, we continue to look for your feedback on application development.

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