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Entries for July 2010

In this generation of new media we are excited to engage our partners and employees alike using new forms of communication where it is appropriate.  This tutorial is an example of one such instance where we desire to reach out to our driver population with training material that is not of a sensitive nature and should be consumable using any device connected to the internet. This tutorial is one of many we anticipate to follow where we desire to train a subset of drivers on how to use their in cab device to accomplish a specific task. In particular we have a business partner that has dem...

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For Operational employees that have been around FirstFleet for a while there is a resource we call the "portal" that exists inside our company. This web based resource has loads of reports and custom applications that many users lean on every day to make decisions and/or simply do their job.  The portal has served our company well for almost ten years and still is a very active part of the day to day function of the company, but alas - everything must come to an end at some point. While I cannot provide a hard date this resource will go away I can say that we are...

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