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Entries for July 2013

Today we celebrate with each of you our great nation’s independence. The freedoms and opportunities we enjoy as Americans exist because of the hard work, sacrifice and dedication of countless individuals. We are grateful for those individuals. Two hundred and thirty seven years ago a group of individuals forged a new future when they gathered to declare that America would be the land of the free. Our second President, John Adams is quoted as saying: This day will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding genera...

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FirstFleet, Inc. is very proud to present our 4th 3 Million Mile Safe Driver - Tim Rigby! Tim works out of Bluffton, IN delivering multi-stop grocery loads, and has been with FirstFleet, Inc. since 1989. Mr. Rigby says he has accomplished this safe driving feat by anticipating other drivers errors, by not being in a hurry, and by staying aware of his surroundings, other vehicles, pedestrians, and those in a hurry.  FirstFleet is extremely proud of Tim Rigby, our fourth 3 million mile safe driver. ...

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