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Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2013

This week marks the American Trucking Association’s truck driver appreciation week. The week of September 15-21 is set aside to celebrate and honor the efforts of America’s 3.1 million professional truck drivers.

Our country has the great privilege of being able to ship goods any place at pretty much any time, and this is largely because of the dedicated and hardworking professional truck drivers we are honoring this week.

A professional truck driver leads a life that is very different than many other occupations. They are typically on the road with regularity and often have to spend time away from their family as they service the companies they work for and the economy they support. It is estimated that in the last year these drivers travelled nearly 400 billion miles, and the vast majority of these miles were safely travelled with great professionalism. 
The drivers at FirstFleet are truly the best in the business. Many of our drivers have been working with us for decades with impeccable safety and performance records, and we are truly grateful for each team member that has chosen to make FirstFleet their place of employment. 
Thank you for your hard work, professionalism and dedication to the needs of our customers.
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