Welcome to FirstFleet. Dedicated Carrier, Dedicated to Customer Service.

Founded in 1986, FirstFleet has consistently provided the highest quality Dedicated Contract Carriage service to business partners across the country. We are honored to say that through commitment to our mission, we have relationships with clients that originated when we opened our doors. These relationships are solid and stable because of our proven ability to exceed customer expectations time and time again. Learn More.

Drive with the Best
FirstFleet employs the best professional drivers in the country. To learn more about our openings and to apply now click here.
Custom Tailored Experience
Business partners enjoy a real time web experience that is second to none. To learn more about this FirstFleet offering click here.
Interactive Employment
Drivers at FirstFleet enjoy a full set of online tools to manage their employment experience. To learn more about these tools click here.

Value Driven

FirstFleet is a value driven business committed to exceeding expectations in every way. Learn More

  • Safely deliver outstanding service.
  • Empower our people to do the right thing.
  • Relationships will be built on trust.
  • Value, care for and respect everyone.
  • Embrace change as a reality of progress.

Today is Thanksgiving! If I were to stop you and ask you what are you thankful for what would you say? As I have thought about this day I realize that there is much to be thankful for. We are blessed beyond words to live in a nation that honors our rights and freedoms. We daily experience a level of freedom that huge parts of our world have never known. I am thankful for these freedoms, and thankful for those who have made it secure for us. 

I am thankful for my family and the time that I have with them. I am thankful that today I am healthy - something we cannot take for granted. I am thankful for my job - it provides for my family, and it is a place I love to call home. Each day I get to work with some of the hardest working and most passionate people I've ever met. Thank you for that opportunity and privilege.


We believe in technology that returns productivity and efficiency to the operation. We have made strategic investments in everything from our back office systems to the equipment moving freight that allow us to be more agile. More...


We not only promote and recognize safety, we require it of everyone in the organization. We are proud to employ and recognize individuals who demonstrate safe driving and working habits through a series of incentive programs. More...


As a SmartWay partner, we are committed to making choices that honor the responsibility we have to seek ways to reduce the environmental impact that transportation-related emissions have on our planet. More...