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2012 Driver Trainer Meeting

FirstFleet’s 2012 driver trainer meeting, was held in Murfreesboro, Tn. on April 13-14. Driver trainers from FirstFleet locations around the country were welcomed by FirstFleet President Gary Wilson, and Vice Presidents David Beeny and Daniel Piper . 

This year marked FirstFleet’s 16th annual trainer meeting. In depth discussions were held on the federal governments CSA program, and where FirstFleet stands in comparison to other carriers with 500 or more trucks. Fuel buying habits and MPG were discussed in detail from industry and company representatives with regard to how everyone is responsible for controlling this huge operating cost. 

Austin Henderson, FirstFleet’s Director of IT Innovation, went into a great explanation on the new tools available on the FirstFleet web site for everyone’s information and use. If you have not checked out the mobile version of the site we encourage you to take a fresh look at what is offered there.

The meeting was highlighted by the three million mile safe driving award to Ronnie May of Cleveland ,TN. This award amounts to a 24 year safe driving record for Mr. Mays - quite an accomplishment. 

A complete review of this year’s meeting is available from the safety department along with the FirstFleet driver trainer manual presented to those present. FirstFleet has made a strong commitment to safety, our driver trainers play a huge roll to caring that commitment back to each FirstFleet location. As a valuable employee of our company we hope that you might attend a future trainer meeting!
We posted some pictures to the Facebook page - see if you can locate your trainer - and while you are at it "like" the page to help us spread the word about this great company.