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Winter Driving


Recent days have reminded all of us that the winter season is well under way. Please remind yourself that winter driving requires additional space around your vehicle at all times.

Bridges and crossings will freeze and become slippery before the normal road surface will. The use of your brakes in this situation could put your vehicle into a skid and out of your control. Slow down, winter driving conditions require 100% of your attention on staying in control of your vehicle.

If you do get into a skid know that the tire that loses traction will move faster and will want to lead the vehicle. Be sure to counter steer, stay off the brake, and get off the gas pedal.

The best winter driving solution is to slow down, plan ahead, and take more time. Getting into an accident or going off the road, are not part of your trip plan I'm sure!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us!

Drive Safe


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